End of year thoughts

by on Dec.31, 2010, under Life

So as the final moments of 2010 are upon us, as if to give it some sort of rite of passage I thought I would take a little time to reflect on it – after all, for many reasons for me personally it has been somewhat monumental.

It started out pretty awfully as about this time last year I contracted food poisoning so spent the new year asleep, waking up to 2010 and spending most of it befriending the loo. Not too many days after that I had a nasty fall which saw me crack a few ribs and made me rather incapacitated for a while. Nope didn’t start too well and these things were only exacerbated by a rocky relationship with a flatmate who we succeeded in driving each other up the wall. However this said a lot of this did drive me to get help for something I know that had been wrong with me for a while, and to have it confirmed was a bit of an epiphany moment.

However with all acts of mass-realisation, we tend to re-evaluate our lives – maybe now knowing what was going wrong with them we address these things. We also maybe look at what is missing and try and fill those gaps too in a hope that we can move on and better ourselves. With me realizing that I had spent an awful lot of my life self-pitying myself and generally deciding that I wouldn’t have these things, a new sense of defiance came to light and I decided to do something about that – and by god how that has changed things.

In May I got my diagnosis from the medical people about my condition telling me something I already knew – rather than sink further I became more optimistic because now I knew what the problem was. I took a long, hard look at my life, all the things that were wrong with it and decided to do some things about them all. I firstly realized that I could not work shifts any more as that was a big no-no for my condition, so spoke to my boss about it who was happy to help. I had also realized some time before that life in Holland was not getting me anywhere but this was to come later. The one thing I was missing was someone in my life – so I thought I would have a go at internet dating of sorts on suggestion of a friend to see where that would lead – and quite by accident, or by coincidence depending on how you look at it I ended up 3,500 miles away.

I’d have never really considered New York as a place to live before, but when the job and a chance of the love of a beautiful woman came along – well life doesn’t play you many hands like that in a lifetime so when the chance was offered, I took a good look at what I had and quickly made the call to give it a shot. Turns out it was a good call as well, as now I am living in this fantastic new city, most of my problems behind me, so much better off and with such a better job and with a girl like the one I always dreamed of being with who loves me and I love her. So in retrospect, even with all the usual crap that my life threw at me, 2010 will always have a fond place in my heart as the year so much changed for the better. I only hope 2011 I can build on these things for the better – I have one little plan in mind which if I pull this off really will make everything perfect – but that’s for another post kiddies

So, to you all, a happy new year – and farewell 2010 – and thank you!

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