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by on Dec.07, 2010, under Life

Forgive me my dedicated few for not writing for a while but when life is this fun, hectic and of the roller-coaster madness you can only expect with such a mad undertaking as I have done, you’ll understand if I don’t always have the time to write. Anyway tonight sees all three of us under the same room fervently typing into our computers, either studying, chatting or just mulling away the time – for me its the latter as a nice but overdue update to my friends out there.

Well since I have last wrote I have been back to NL and picked up my L1B so I am now a legit member of society. I have myself a bank account, am hoping tomorrow I can finalise my social security number and have finalised a place to live for a while. Quite conveniently this just happens to be with a young lady called Ana who was one of the paramount reasons for me coming here in the first place. The place is small but between me, her and her best friend Tulio we are making out ok and its very handy for town, plus I want to contribute a couple of things to make it a little more comfortable. Actually what I am contributing are video games and televisions so I can resume those lazy nights I love watching movies, but this time huddled up on the sofa with the woman I love.

New York is actually becoming less surprising – sure everything is unbelievable but you do end up becoming almost blase about it all – ‘yeah its a hifi store open at 3am on a tuesday morning, but that’s normal here’ – I guess what I am learning is my regular idea of normality, like many other peoples, does not compute when it comes to this place.

I am learning however that gloating about things is a bad idea. Yes it is good when all your mates are back home freezing and you are on the balcony in November in 20 degree sunshine, but sure enough you must pay the piper – the cold here is coming and right now its biting, yet these are the few nips – the tasters almost before the full force freeze comes in – and when they talk about zero degrees here, which is quite common, they mean fahrenheit which by my reckoning is about 15 below the point that water freezes. Stories are told of throwing cups of coffee in the morning winter and watching it freeze mid air – yes all is possible in America and whilst I dread these experiences, I look forward to seeing them too.

I do fear for my waistline though as the food here is ferousciously good and your appetite seems to almost need its own passport when you arrive. Where as before I could happily survive on a 6″ subway back in NL, today I found myself indulging in a footlong Philly Cheese (at least Subways take on it) and finding myself hungry just a couple of hours later. This is concerning and I hope that once the chill passes I can start looking into cycling again, but for now I think I will just see how energetic the new PS3 move can be. Else its that horrid Gym which seem so frequent over here yet still to this day so scary to me. I’m sure if I overcome this fear you’ll get to hear all about it

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