So I haven’t posted in such a long time…..

by on Jun.25, 2013, under Life

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry I neglected you. My life has been tumultuous of late and yet the vile and spittle I normally reserve for venting my spleen to you has been both contained and yet vented elsewhere. Many things have happened since the Olympics that fueled my inner angst with the need to shout at you with fists clenched and blood pressure raised. Much has passed and life has moved on.

To reflect on our last chat it seems NBC have decided to repent by showing all the footie next year and with Gary Lineker and other learned people of the sport. This is a good thing – anyone having ever having to endure watching on Fox will understand the abhorrent style of commentating. Yes I get it that American audiences to NFL, NBA, Baseball, Ice Hockey etc have a certain style that works but applying the terminology from Tennis to ‘Soccer’ *cough* does not appear attractive. Using obsolete or seldom referenced team nicknames repeatedly does not make you an expert on the game. And shouting out Cliff Dempsey’s name mid-sentence just because he is an American is neither funny or endearing. It fact it makes you look like and sound like a demented pillock. So goodbye Fox soccer – you will not be missed.

In other news I became single (awwww…) then met someone else (Woo!) who is so amazing (Yay!) that I seem to spend my entire life smiling (Houpla!). Then I got allergic to beer. Fucking seriously – of all the things in the world to get diagnosed with – forget leprosy, AIDS, Ebola – no I get allergic to beer. And pies. And Cake. However I have found since gluten free beer, cake and so on and some of it is rather good (Estrella Daura is amazing). I will survive dear Blog – but we have to change to do so.

..which segues me nicely into my apparent fitness regime and diet – well the diet had to change but also I have a bike and have even started to run again – albeit unsuccessfully as it seems every time I try I pull another muscle. I’m trying to do this couch potato to 5K thing in about 2 months but the first week in has been painful – I’ll keep trying but although I do pull up I am noticing slight improvements. Also my doctor assures me that I am very healthy for my age all things considered – even the supposed emphysema I thought I had wasn’t actually there in the first place – greatest misunderstanding ever.

So Blog that’s me in a nutshell. I’m surviving through it all – getting better every day in every way I can. I’ve missed you and know I should write to you more often and yes we’ll keep in touch – lets try not to leave it so long next time eh?

Your friend,


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