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Tales of woe from living abroad?

by on Feb.06, 2012, under Life

Read an interesting article today on the BBC about people being relocated for work – best you read it before I pass comment: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16789231

I was really surprised at the negative perspective of this  article simply as it seems the journalist squarely relied on those who were perhaps unprepared or reticent to undertake such a life-changing challenge as moving abroad. Whilst I feel some sympathy for all the people mentioned within the article I do have to question why someone should undertake such a massive move if they felt it was not for them?

Living abroad – especially work transfers are not for everyone – in fact the more I think about it, it is one of those things you either embrace or reject completely – no middle ground, no sitting on the fence. You are either up for it and excitable, or you are simply anchored and abhorrent to the idea.

I myself have thrived on the idea of such adventure and have had a wonderful life dropping myself in unknown situations and adapting on the fly to survive – I don’t mean to share that as a form of boasting, but more a yardstick for decision. As I write this I am blessed to be on the balcony in Rio of a dear friend in the glorious sunshine whilst my friends and family all post on facebook about the cold back in Holland and the UK, they are playing video games from home so I got a few hours and started to play with them in elitist gaming, great for enjoying with the family, but again just for a few hours because I have this amazing thing to enjoy. Of course when it is this joyous one is naturally inclined to see this as the greener side of the fence, and with the birth of my son and the nationality of his mother I am considering this place as a future – maybe – place to drop anchor again. But this is where I go back to the article and the failures of those quoted…

Anyone considering a move abroad has to take off the rose-coloured spectacles and look at the place properly and in true honesty – are you really going to be happy here? Sure the sun shines and its warm, you are just a couple of blocks from the beach and the views are outstanding, but could you really survive without the most basic of things that you call home?  Most people think that they could but I doubt their honesty.

I watched a program on the BBC of which I forget the name where people were offered the chance to live a life in Canada, New Zealand etc and follow their apparent dreams before being offered a free flight home You would see the Dad working his new trade at his new location and being paid a prime sum for said service. You would see Mum tending home in a gorgeous house 4 times the size of what you would get for twice the price back home. And you would see the kids fascinated by the new environment and doing amazingly well at school. Yet at the end of the 30 days, most would say ‘No Thankyou’ and emphatically wave goodbye to what they dreamed of (mainly fuelled by tear-filled messages of parents from home)

I guess the point I am making is that you either are built and prepped to do such a move or you are not. The sad thing about this article is that it was aimed at the spouses of those going abroad when what it should have done is questioned the adventurous families who thrive on such a thing. I was born in the UK, lived in Holland and Germany and now the USA and the Missus is from Brazil (where we are and our son has just been born) – we’ve discussed many places as future homes and any such opportunity we would investigate first before properly embracing but all with the precaution that anyone moving abroad for whatever reason should have. In simplicity, life is an adventure if you want it to be but you have to understand you cannot undertake such a thing lightly – you have to be prepared, go in head-first and be prepared for it to fail- but one thing I have learned is that the overcoming of these screw-ups is what makes the success of your survival.

Anyways, I still fancy Rio to live….. and if it doesn’t work out, well I will be ready for it….

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Our little Angel

by on Feb.02, 2012, under Life

Just a few early photographs of Paul Passos-Charlton, the love of mine and Ana’s lives 🙂


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