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It’s the end of the world as we know it….

by on Aug.27, 2011, under Life

Been an interesting week. Started for me really Tuesday, sitting all innocent like in my Datacenter in NJ1 in Jersey City when I noticed the walls were shaking and my mind was quaking. I was certainly not making it with anyone at the time so realized it must have been a minor earthquake – my suspicions were confirmed by fellow ex-pat Jess who was quick to point out the Mayans might have it right. Me? I am not convinced

Next up is the Hurricane – or Irene to her friends – anyone named after the lovely Ms Handel who I grew up thinking was my maiden aunt cannot be a mischief surely? But no, in America it seems the worst is yet to come. The end of the world is nigh – or at least if it is not, we are all slightly fucked – at least that is what the TV would have you believe…

I got my first taste of US natural disaster panic when aforementioned earthquake hit – I wasn’t to troubled personally by a but of a shake but it seemed our hosting company would rather I was evacuated – I was in Jersey city at the time and I went outside to find several hundred people, dawdling aimlessly yet with their faces affixed to their smartphones desperate for information – not for what had occurred as they were well aware, but purely as to the impact. Most people were evacuated to the pathway  where you have a beautiful view of downtown Manhattan (scarred only by the lack of the Twin Towers, yet with the apparent Freedom Tower still under construction, still with it’s cranes in view perfectly still) completely undamaged and normal.

I retired (as I was not allowed back in to the facility) to the safest and most accommodating thing I could think of – Markers Bar had paid no heed to a minor vibration and had continued serving without issue – the only facility for those shit-scared was putting on ABC-7 who were reporting on the catastrophe that never was – footage of a 20 second disruption to an NY council meeting, a view of the White House from a surveillance camera half way up a pole showing how much the nations capital building was shaking (of course the pole the camera was on was the real culprit) – basically lots of reporting on the things that the media had wished had gone horribly wrong yet had in fact – well just not got wrong at all. A city scared of what might have been

And now here I am surrounded by people talking of nothing more than the incoming peril – I have spent hours on phone calls discussing our Business Continuity Procedures and assured people that my trust in our data hosts is with reason. I am expected to spend the weekend glued to my Android and iPhone in case of alert and be expected to swim to NJ just in case it all horribly goes wrong

Well I suppose at least all this prep is good on my CV – how many non-emergency workers in the UK’s CV’s include the words ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Earthquake’?

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