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Yeah she did drugs and booze. Yeah her life was a mess – but she was an astounding talent with such an amazing voice.

I met her once – I wasn’t aware of her voice but had seen her misbehaving on Never Mind the Buzzcocks about a week before – couldn’t help but love her for embarrassing that embarrassment that is Simon Amstel. I’d gone to London to see Electric Eel Shock and somehow myself, Bob Slayer and my mate rob ended up at this gig – we were the only ones there bar Amy and a mate. Amy wolf whistled the band and (whilst I can) I ended up asking her how to do it – I think she replied something about ‘just putting your fingers in you mouth and blowing’. Anyway I told her she was brilliant for sending up aforementioned twat and left her to enjoy her evening.

Shortly after I was in Leamington with my mate Robin and he played some of her stuff and I was blown away. Such a wonderfully soulful voice – and if I believed in a god – I am sure they broke the mould when they gave her a voice. A voice so wonderful that I guess it was too good for this place.


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by on Jul.23, 2011, under Life

A country I love very much so devastated today.

My heart is with all the people affected. Mine dypeste kondolanser

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“come to the dark side!”

by on Jul.23, 2011, under Life

So with the heat (oh yeah it gets fucking hot here) in NY I noticed that my 4 year old Tosh laptop was struggling to survive. 4 years is a fair lifetime for a laptop so I start shopping around – new tech, new chipsets, new hardware – it all makes for an interesting option or two. But one question was put to me more than once which I wasn’t sure to question:

“What about a new Mac?”

I like windows. No I *heart* windows (as long as it is the ‘7’ variety or XP circa a few years back). Its a fucking awesome OS from a techie point of view AFAIAC and has been a very happy friend to me over the years. OK everyone knows that the world and his wife hates Microsoft, Gates and all he stands for but for us in the business its been a pal, a confident and at least something that works for what we need it to do

However I’m now in New York and things are different here – first off just about every one who can has an iPhone – even I have one and I love the damn thing to bits. I hate the fact I love it because it is that lovely – so intuitive, so functional, so easy – so not windows really. So when the question comes to the point about a new laptop and “well you have an iPhone – why not an iPad/MacAir/MacPro/whatever as long as it aint MS toy do you want?” I get scared. I actually went – twice as it happens – to the Apple store in NY and stood – not drooling, not salivating – but purely evaluating Pro’s, Air’s and what not and tried to decide if they really would replace what has been a stablemate for years – a windows laptop. And the more I stood there, the more I realized I did not want one

Oh yes – the airs were light as a breeze and had the SSD I craved – but the proc was years out of date, and 2 Gig Memory? Antiquated….

The Pro – had it all – a new thing called thunderbolt, pretty screen, memory, power – just weighed a small fortune for it all.

No suddenly – and although at nearly 2K the Samsung Series 9 A04 was winning – and I was on the urge of parting with a lot of cash to bring me happily up to date

But then, this morning Apple decide to announce all the things that I had decided wrong with the air they would fix.I am not kidding here – crap processor ? Replace for i5. Not enough memory? We’ll up that to 4Gb. No Thunderbird connectivity? Standard across the board with anything over 13″

So I bought one.

And I don’t like it.

But it has X11 and a Unix interface under its skirt.

And it has iTunes which I know – in fact its like deja -vu – whilst its not familiar – it is like I have been here before. Not foreign, just different.

And it is pretty. And so light and portable. and… and… and…and I think I am sold.

Macbook air – the evilest of temptresses in the Laptop world. So wrong but so right at the same time..

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