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May the 21st – the end? My Arse!

by on May.21, 2011, under Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the end of the World.

At least that is what thousands of people would have you believe, all caught up in the ramblings of an 89 year-old ex-civil engineer turned ‘evangelist’ Harold Camping – a man who seems hell-bent on infamy through spreading fear amongst the weak and generally making a mockery of Christianity, Religion and the bible.

(Wait a minute… I think I am starting to like this guy….)

Now living in the United States one thing I have learned is that religion is taken very seriously here. The US has a secular government and each and every dollar bill is embossed with the words ‘In God we trust’. It seems the world and his wife is a reverend of sorts, and devoid of houses of prayer they use public places such as Subway stations to deliver their sermons and sometimes even impromptu preaching on subway carriages (which is why an iPod is every New Yorker’s must-have). And I find myself being very careful what I say to people as most people here worship some form of super-being. I’m quite open about my Atheism, but always and truthfully willing to back up that I have (for the most) respect for people who are spiritual, blessed and believers in one deity or another – this usually brings back a nod of understanding and all is right with us all. I never mock a persons beliefs – unless they are ludicrous and deserve such honour, and the May 21st brigade – or certainly the people behind it – are worthy.

The problem is that because of freedom of speech and the way people devoutly adherent to the Constitution and its amendments, people are allowed to quite vocally spread horror and hatred here. I’ve seen 50 foot high billboards and even buses carrying advertisements for the apocalypse – all aimed squarely at the easily lead, the gullible and the weak of heart – the people praying for a miracle because their own lives are hellish. The people who are today, sadly once more being disappointed.

I could be selfish here and hope the actions of Mr Camping make a few look at their beliefs and perhaps instead consider that life might be crap but to try to make the best of it as we all just turn to ashes and worm food – like the easter bunny, Santy-clause and Sasquatch, Jesus was just a figment of a story tellers imagination, but instead it just makes me quite sad that there are I imagine an awful lot of people distraught and lost today as they realise come tomorrow, they will just wake up to another day – no saviour, no escalation to a better place – just the same old life whilst one Mr Camping laughs as he has all the time to spend the profits from his preaching and book sales, and can start planning for his next cash call.

And one final thing – if the so-called $3,000,000 $100 million + dollars that was spent alone for publicising this lie, instead of using it for false promises I just wonder how much good it could have done for many of the people down and out enough to want to believe such guff in the first place.

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