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DVDs for sale

by on Aug.21, 2010, under General, Life, Movies, Music

Hello all

As part of my impending move to the USA I need to offload a lot of stuff which I won’t be taking with me, and first to go is my DVD collection as simply they are all the wrong region for US use – yes I know I could chip a player, but I kind of want to start again and need to raise all the funds I can.

So I am offering up the lot for sale – there is a full list here – drop me a line if you see anything you fancy – waynster at gmail or via facebook or phone

I need every penny I can so all bids are welcome!

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All change

by on Aug.03, 2010, under Life

I guess some would argue that you either make your own luck, or that you have luck thrust upon you, whether that be good or bad. Personally, the jury is still out on that one – I’ve always tried to chase things to improve my life, career and so on and for the most it has done me well, but the last few years I seem to have lucked out on one thing or another and basically I got stuck in a nasty rut with no apparent way out of it. And when life tends to get like that for me – almost pointless I guess, it takes some hefty decisions and in this case, some good luck for a change to see a way out.

I’ve lived in Amsterdam for nearly 13 years now and while for the most it has been wonderful to me, it has also of late started to bring me down a lot – an incessant stream of bills, a job which whilst with a good company and good colleagues just never fulfilled my potential and an overwhelming feeling that at 41 years old, there are certain personal achievements I should have reached. The only thing really keeping me here to be honest is my friends – the sort of wonderful people the likes of which I don’t think I could meet anywhere else. For me, they made Amsterdam and all the happy memories I have of this city involve them.

But life is a funny thing – one minute you are ambling through it without much purpose or ambition, then all of a sudden it smacks you in the face with opportunities that are too good to ignore, and right when I was stuck in that rut 2 very magical things happened more or less at the same time that now draw me to a new and exciting place – New York City. I’ve been offered a transfer to a position of much more responsibility, money and a great career step as well with my current employers which is too good an opportunity to ignore, and so it is with some regret that I have to tell you all I am leaving Amsterdam for a new life in the USA.

It’s not 100% confirmed as yet but it is all being finalised now – the job I have been told is mine but there are still some i’s to dot and t’s to cross before it is absolutely confirmed and I won’t be leaving until I am sure that everything is set, but the timescale looks like a matter of weeks – maybe even as soon as next month I could be relocating there, but again I will not be going until everything is properly sorted – too old to be jumping from frying pans to fires and all that.

Obviously before I go I will do my best to see everyone as there are too many friends here that mean too much to me to just up and leave without saying farewell to but I’ll keep you posted and try and arrange a bit of a do before I head off.

Also, before I go as the majority of my stuff won’t be any good in the US I’ll be looking at offloading all my gear – TV, PS3, my huge DVD collection, computer gear, camera gear and what-not – whilst I would love to give it away, I really do need every cent I can as when I get there I will have to furnish my new apartment so if anyone is interested in buying anything let me know and I’ll tell you what I’ve got that can go. I’ll be leaving this city pretty much penniless so if I can offload some stuff and take a few bucks with me that would be wonderful.

So that’s pretty much it really – I’ll be sorry to leave but life sometimes deals you hands that you have to play else spend the rest of your life regretting – This is a superb chance for my career and I can’t ignore that, an opportunity for a clear out and a new start in a thrilling city, and that second reason? Let’s just say she’s the most wonderful thing to happen to me in a very long time and she’s waiting for me there – a very beautiful, thoughtful and just downright incredible young lady and we hope to try and build a relationship together .So when life offers you everything at once, you’d be stupid to turn it down, right?

So wish me luck, and I would also like to say to you all thank you so much for the last dozen or so years – a major part of my life. It’s not goodbye, just farewell for a while, but I hope to say it to you all in person before I leave.

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