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3 months on with the bike

by on Jul.22, 2010, under Cycling

I thought as the website has not been updated for some time I should post something. Whilst my life is on the verge of a major change which I hope to post about once things are confirmed, I thought I would post up about where I am with the cycling.

I have had the bike just over 3 months now and covered quite some distance – the Odometer reads just short of 1600km although I know I have covered more (days when I have forgotten to switch on or mount the computer) and I have cycled to work every day I have been on shift – thankfully the weather has been kind this summer. Fitness-wise there has been a marked improvement – my weight is under 10 stone for the first time in years, and whilst I can now cover the 13km to work in 30 minutes, averaging around 25km/h, I usually arrive at work with a heightened heart rate but not out of breath. On warmer days especially, or when I decide to lug the cumbersome backpack for storing all the locks I do tend to end up sweating somewhat, but again that can only be good for you. My legs have been built up a bit and I have even noticed a bit of moob reduction which is ace!

The bike sadly is in a little worse wear – back breaks have gone and the front ones judder horrendously – could be a wheel balancing issue, so as soon as my employers relinquish my salary this month I’ll be dropping her off at the shop for a much needed maintenance session.

The good thing is I still enjoy it and am reaping the rewards from having it. Obviously I am saving a lot of money on transportation, as well as enjoying extra time at home just because I can leave later/arrive home earlier from work. Also just the ease of getting about is much improved. I have also taken to getting adventurous about route finding to work and now have several choices on which way to head in, the preffered method being through the lovely Amsterdamse Bos, although for night shifts it can’t be done simply as you can’t see diddly even with the lights on.

So still loving it, and looking forward to a few more months before the weather turns and she has to go in for the winter, but for now, I’ll keep peddling on

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