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Best Movie of 2009

by on Jan.14, 2010, under Movies

Been meaning to post something up about the best movie of the last year – for me personally the year was rather shite with one thing and another, but I do find escape in Cinema – that couple of hours or so can take you away from all the crap in life and while there were some strong contenders, one film shines so brightly from all of them as a piece of cinematic genius which very rapidly has stormed into my top 10, probably top 5 movies of all time. Directed by one of the worlds most renown directors, this latest outing of his kind of slipped under my radar on its release – however upon viewing this epic, it was quickly revisited two or three times within days and has become a firm favourite which I have been singing the praises to all and sundry since viewing it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Waynster award for greatest film of 2009 goes to – Inglourious Basterds

Everything about this film goes against all the rules in my book – a fictitious war movie, a blatant bastardization (if you will excuse the pun) of historical events, hammed up acting, often ludicrous plotlines and twists – yet somehow Quentin Tarantino, a man I have had the pleasure of meeting once, has made something so utterly wonderful that within seconds of starting this post I find it once more on the television.

It is a film I cannot tire of watching – I know full well probably next week I shall have some friends round who I hope to convert to this masterpiece and yet I shall not switch this off. The actors are outstanding – many stars of German cinema (of which I am a fan) and the fantasticChristoph Waltz (who I only saw previously in Ordinary Decent Criminal) who plays perfectly the most detestable yet utterly adorable SS Officer. Brad Pitt playing a role so hammed up its ridiculous yet it could not be more perfect for the role. And the gorgeous Mélanie Laurent if only for the most perfect piece of Cinema I have ever seen, of all things an homage to an 80’s pop video in a world war II film – completely out of place yet absolute cinematic perfection for me – I could watch piece of film until the end of time if no other were allowed to me until my dying day – sheer brilliance. Just every little detail has been so perfectly thought out that I could almost weep at the genius of the man behind it all.

So if you haven’t seen this utter gem, I implore you to do so. We sometimes get complacent at the quality of films being produced and it is all to often that we bandy the word ‘classic’ when we see such a film – but this two and a half hours of film is one of those examples which genuinely defines the word classic. Film of the year – without a doubt, possibly even of the decade. It certainly is QT’s greatest outing in my eyes and although I totally respected Pulp Fiction, perhaps not revering it as others did preferring his other works (Dusk til Dawn, True Romance) and not worshipping the Kill Bill films, I may have sometimes even questioned his genius. Watching this film, I can only say that I was so wrong – Inglourious Basterds is the nearest thing to cinematic perfection I could ever comprehend. Sheer. Fucking. Genius.

So to Mr Tarantino, I met you once – I hope one day to meet you again to say thank you for making something so special, so perfect and so just utterly enjoyable no matter how many times I watch it I just end up loving it more and more. And above all, to thank you for this wonderful piece of cinema which reminds me why I love the motion picture so much. In fact thank you for during what was a very bad year for me, you gave me something to remind me of 2009 as a good year after all.

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After a new compact digital

by on Jan.14, 2010, under Geekstuff, Photography

So whilst I dream of having the dosh to splash out on Nikon’s latest range of semi-pro D-SLRs, I am thinking seriously about buying a new compact as frankly the Canon Ixus I have currently is nothing short of crap. Was thinking of maybe a Panasonic Ixus but would welcome any suggestions – must take good photos, especially when under the influence, be packed with features and at a good price – any suggestions as I am a bit out of the loop with what’s hot and what’s not compact wise.

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Google Wave

by on Jan.04, 2010, under Geekstuff

So finally got myself a google wave addy today. Think I can see the logic behind it but practice will indeed make perfect. Guess I need some friends to play with so if any one of you wants to add me up – it’s unsuprisingly, unoriginally but perhaps unforgettably waynster at googlewave.com.

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